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> ECU Remapping Experts in Milton Keynes.

Angel Tuning offers professional engine tuning close to your home. Or even at your home thanks to our mobile tech team. We offer true engine remapping, as opposed to many (in effect) non-competitors who offer so-called ‘tuning boxes’. This means our software is written specifically for your model and will not only improve performance, but also driveability and progressivenes.

Our area of action includes: Milton Keynes, Northampton and Bedford.

Chances are that you have arrived here knowing what you are looking for, however there may be some key areas that maybe you were not aware of such as the stealth nature of Remapping (chip tuning)... .

Angel Tuning, having been through most of the various tuning phases from the mid 80's, pride ourselves on being specialists on ECU car remapping and chip tuning the latest vehicles. With experience of all aspects of mechanical work from brakes to engine building we have many years of mechanical as well as electronic expertise.

We will spend the time finding you the best package for your needs, be it a straightforward remap for your diesel car or van, or an exhaust and remap package for your petrol pride and joy.